The name Amargosa derives from that of an ephemeral river in the Mojave desert. With headwaters in South central Nevada, it is dry most of the time and for most of its length. Warm and hot water oases dot its length. Only the rare cloudburst waters its barren stretches to allow seedlings to come forth in bloom for posterity. For more on the Amargosa country visit Notes and Photo Trail.

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Those interested in the Mojave and Amargosa Desert regions might appreciate the following sites.

Amargosa Valley— City Guide for Amargosa Valley, Nevada. Find local hotels, realtors, job openings, restaurants and businesses in Amargosa Valley. Find local weather, city information, yellow pages, and other info for Amargosa Valley.
Shoshone — A true oasis and where an aunt of mine still lives.
The T&T ran by or through the latter three sites.
Tecopa— My father built the first motel at the Tecopa Hot Springs and lived there after WW II until he drowned in the Amargosa in 1969. See next link for details.
Tecopa Hotsprings Resort—Deep in the Mojave Desert on the road to Death Valley and point North into Nevada. Accomodations and plenty of hot water fed from geothermal underground formations deep within the earth. Ask Amy Noel where the intersting spots are.
Terraserver— USGS photos courtesy of Microsoft web site. Select place name & zoom in.