Kris Rosenberg

Kris came along mid life. Aside from the romance, as important as it was, she opened yet another whole world to my vision. I shall never forget how she sat down with an adult Sunday school group and moderated the group into a new and exciting open conversation unique for its time and place. I knew those people. They had never communicated like that.

Kris was and is a teacher/mentor first. Like my other mentors, she learned her craft and its insights by practicing the art as a child psychologist and psychotherapist. She taught me how the psyche can be distorted to the detriment of its owner. In the context of her unconditional regard and acceptance of my being, I was able to realize how this or that hang-up were self defeating even though they were healthy means of coping in the beginning. These realizations too, lie beneath our philosophy of management discussed in these pages.

Kris is also into drama—real life drama. She can make the mundane fascinating. Simplicity is her secret. Simple words, simply said can reduce complex theory to ho-hum practice. Well not ho hum practice, as you will see in these pages. Like my other mentors, she was/is ahead of her time.

Kris initiated the Returning Women Program at La Roche College and served as the program's first director and actively administered it for some years. Using innovative management techniques, she turned a group of student interns managing the returning women's program office into a well-oiled organization.

Kris belongs up there at the top of the heap.  Without her, The ALTA Group would never have happened as it did.  In 1985, The ALTA Group was formed. For seven years, sales grew at an annual rate of 76%. Profits grew at 176% per annum. I became one of the principles, thanks in part to her courage and faith in me. We mortgaged everything but our souls. Early on she devised psychometric means for evaluating a new hire's fitness for a particular job.

Kris also has affected a few thousand people directly with her inspirational teaching, not to mention clinical work. She teaches what she has learned to be true in her clinical psychology practice. A decade later a former student will come call and tell her what they learned from her finally reached print under the name of another—one of her greatest satisfactions. She wrote a book, "Talk To Me", Putnam. Now out of print, it appeared in five languages. Unlike the command-and-control management systems, Kris begins with our psyche, in its three dimensions of conscious, rational and childlike selves, to construct a relational management system based on such things as dignity and integrity of the individual. "Talk To Me" provides methods for making human based management systems workable.

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