Who we are

President: Harry Rosenberg (biography)
Secretary / Treasurer: Heather Ryan
Bank: First National

Our Name
The name Amargosa derives from that of an ephemeral river in the Mojave desert (see Harry's Bio, below). With headwaters in South central Nevada, it is dry most of the time and for most of its length. Warm and hot water oases dot its length. Only the rare cloudburst waters its barren stretches to allow seedlings to come forth in bloom for posterity. For more on the Amargosa country visit Amargosa Days.

Culture—Style & Leadership
Culture determines which enterprises set the pace and which do not, which make a difference and which may not, and, yes, which pay dividends and which may not. American culture focuses on the ultimate good of our society, upon our enterprises, infrastructure, freedom as well as upon ourselves and each other.

Amargosa Core Values include regard for others as well as for ourselves along with personal integrity, free thinking, candid communication, involvement and trust. These values provide feelings of belonging and a sense of individual worth—energizing spirit and performance. Organizational effectiveness and efficiency are likewise enhanced.

As a learning organization, we are responsive to the needs others. We are not individuals of a singular outlook. But our individual values and styles mesh for the common good, whether owners, managers, employees, associates or business partners. Amargosa managers earn leadership and respect by demonstrating combinations of character, energy, elan, temperament and wisdom as well as by the basic thinking and creativity skills required for the tasks at hand. We cannot afford the time it takes for infighting.