Below are other links of interest to entrepreneurs:

Capital Connection — Profit Dynamics Inc. "Descriptions of and links to lots of capital networks, angel networks, matching services, business plan software, business plan consultants, venture capital companies, and loan providers".
Copyright — Society Vertical Portal
Copyright Office — Library of Congress.
Deja News — Deja News, Inc. Website for posting messages to entrepreneurs, search engine.
Entrepreneurship Education ——supporting entrepreneurship. Large database of resources, business schools, internships, academic materials, publications and research, centers for entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneur Magazine's Square — eCommerce Weekly. Entrepreneur Media. Classifieds, money, startup ideas, franchising, sales and marketing, technology, search engine.
How to get a Patent — Patent and Trademark Office.
Idea Cafe — LLC. Extensive information, useful links to resources, good for beginners.
NASA Commercial Technology Network — NASA. Moving technology from the lag to the marketplace. Tech Briefs, Innovation, Spinoff and techtracs special features.
Patent Cafe — Andy Gibbs. A very inclusive site with extensive resources for entrepreneurs, inventors and just about anyone having an innovative interest. Andy's own boutique site, very interesting.
Provisional Patent Applications — Patent and Trademark Office. All you need to know is listed.
Startupnation — Resources
Starting Your Business — Kaufman Center for entrepreneurial leadership. Market evaluation, people, finances, legal, technology, special interest groups. Provides "How-to's" of possible use to some of you.
Women's Business Ownership — SBA. SBA site provides a resource guide and links to help women succeed in business.
100 Years of Innovation — Business Week. A Photographic journey. Enjoy!

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