Assess the Idea

Aging & Assistive Technologies — AZtech, Inc. "AZtech provides professional services to businesses and inventors with strong support from the consumers of assistive technology products."
Assess Your Idea — Innovation Institute, Wal-Mart Innovation Network, WIN, Center for Business & Economic Development Southwest Missouri State University. Preliminary Innovation Evaluation System, PIES, can be down loaded in any of several formats. Useful to inventors. PIES tends to be valid in that ideas with low scores typically go nowhere while high scorers only indicate a possibility; there is no guarantee. Fee for idea appraisal.
Idea Assessment — AusInvent. On line idea assessment, requires Java script.
Invention Evaluation Form — Neustel Law Offices. We concur with the approach taken by this site. Self scoring. Free.
Inventor Services —, is a division of Carik Marketing Group, LLC, 77 Vistaview Court, Rochester Hills, MI 48306.  Ideas assessed for a modest $200. Consumer products only. Recommended by many.
Innovation Centre — Canadian Innovation Central. "Range of services includes invention evaluation, technology due diligence, market research, and education programs."
Washington State Innovation Assessment Center —IAC. "If you are an inventor looking for a reputable, professional product evaluation service, the IAC may be right for you. "


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