Most of us are more creative than we may realize. If you have ever been curious about how something worked, why something happened, or the meaning of an event, you have one of the kernels of creativity already. Curiosity.

There is no strong correlation between education and creativity, but education does enhance one's horizon and the sophistication of what one can invent. While a little knowledge may be a dangerous thing sometimes, it pays to think at the limits of what one does know. It often pays to look for problems or opportunities first, before looking for solutions. Providing a solution to a non-problem or for a market that does not exist is not creativity. Creativity involves follow through to something novel and of use.

Creativity is one of the most fascinating of subjects and can only be touched upon here. It is also complex. For most of us, it is hard to free ourselves from our own training and prior experience. To arrive at new insights and mind sets, however, we must. So too we must free ourselves of excess tension, schedules and anxiety. (A little anxiety may be helpful). YOU JUST MIGHT BE MORE CREATIVE THAN YOU THINK.

How Stuff Works — PBY Publishing Co. Interactive and well done with a search engine. The intellectually curious will love this user friendly site. Recommended for inventors of all stripes and ages.
Inventure Place — Site dedicated to the creative process, nice for the newcomer.
Multiple Intelligences — Thomas Armstrong. Eight ways of "thinking". A useful introduction to this interesting field.
List Host — Topica, Explore Your Interests With Email Lists!

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