Office of Industrial Technologies
— Department of Energy. "Ideas that have a significant energy savings impact and future commercial market potential are chosen for financial support through a competitive solicitation process."
CNET Tech news — Commercial page focusing on digital age, computer & software reviews, downloads, newsletter.
Computer Information Center — Current news and events.
High Tech seminars, Conferences & Trade Shows — Centerpiece is an information matrix.
Technology Web Site Guide — WebCrawler guide to technology.
Engineering Libraries — Yahoo Links.
Physics Libraries — Yahoo Links
Engineering and Technology — Galaxy. A Professional's Guide to a world of information.
Government Lab — Sandia. Technical assistance, partnerships, technology transfer, facilities for hire for industry & small business.
Science and Technology — Office of Naval Research. "ONR's mission is to maintain a close relationship with the research and development community to support long-range research, foster discovery, nurture future generations of researchers, produce new technologies..."
Business Intelligence Program — SRI Consulting. "Provides research and market intelligence tools, monthly and quarterly reports, and consulting services to a worldwide client base via an annual subscription fee."

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