Venturing Your Concept
© 2000 Harry Rosenberg

1 Creativity – Where it all begins (PDF)
2 Product Development – The heart of venturing (PDF)
3 Process Development – Every product is made by a process (PDF)
4 Market Forecasting – Basis for starting up and your livelihood (PDF)
5 Intellectual Property – Patents (PDF)
6 Startup Funding – Options and resources (PDF)
7 Facility Design – Some nuts and bolts in manufacturing (PDF)
8 Selecting Staff – Avoid hiring job misfits (PDF)
9 Staff Development – Build team work (PDF)
10 Governance of Enterprise – Vital company culture issue (PDF)
11 Market and Business Development – Continuation from 1-4 (PDF)
12 Grow For Expansion or Spin Off – Realizing your goal (PDF)

These pages were written especially for the tigers who want to change the world.

Fair use of this material is granted according to applicable statutes provided authorship is acknowledged and the materials are used in context.

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